PDGC – Registered Attendees

As the entire Conference is free, you don’t HAVE to register as a participant or attendee, but it would be highly logical to (especially since it’s free to register). You get a special color and title to your name as a Registered Attendee, as well as first news and updates via e-mail both before and after the conference itself. You’ll be among the first to know when the next conference will be. Having this special color allows speakers and guests to give you a little more VIP service to answering questions as well.

  • May host a discussion, via pre-approved Host/Gatekeeper clearance. Just send a private message and ask!
  • Up-to-date news on the PDGC via e-mail, as well as future news.
  • Special Title and Color within the Conference server.


Start by joining our Discord server for free, HERE. Attending the event is completely free, but registering is highly recommended (and also FREE)!

If you are looking to speak at the Conference

, read the rules and register HERE.

If you are a member of the press or media and would like a Press and Media Pass, go HERE.

To register as a Registered Attendee, please send an e-mail to jesse@zettabytemarketing.com

 with the following information: