PDGC – Press and Media Passes

If you are with the press, you should register for a Press and Media Pass. Registering gives you a special Title within the server that changes the color of your username and sets you apart, but it has actual utility bearing as well. Registered Press and Media get a front of the line experience with guest speakers and can even host discussions of their own. Registering for the conference also gives you special notices via e-mail for updates on the conference, as well as future conferences or updates.

  • VIP, first response Q and A capabilities with Special Guests and Featured Speakers
  • Allowance to host your own panels or discussions.
  • Up-to-date news on the PDGC via e-mail, as well as future news.
  • Special Title, Color, and Category within the Conference server to stand out

Press and Media Pre-Registration


To register, please send an e-mail to jesse@zettabytemarketing.com with the following information:

  • Full Name
  • e-Mail Contact
  • Company/ Organization
  • Website URL
  • Viewer Count (Monthly) on your Website
  • Phone Number
  • Username on the PDGC Discord Server (Join there first, it’s FREE)
  • If you would like the option to start your own discussions during the event, what topics will you discuss?
  • Plus, any other Comments or Details.