We want Zettabyte MPR, LLC to not just be known for doing public relations and marketing. We’re out to help make the entire games industry a better place. In doing so, we have (currently) three initiatives that are dedicated to helping different sections of the industry in different ways.

The first one is our pride and joy: The Power-Up Digital Games Conference, or PDGC

. The PDGC is a completely free, completely digital conference run by volunteers to bring game industry veterans together to teach their wisdom and experience to those that want to learn.

Our second initiative is called We The Gamers Studios. Consider it an independent game developer on its own, where “Garage band-style” teams can come together under the Zettabyte banner to help them get the resources and direction they need to get them on track to getting their game idea out there.

The third initiative is to help the game journalist industry as a whole. Both readers and marketing veterans deal with sub-par publications on a regular basis. It’s time the game journalists and publications held some accountability and this initiative can help them give and get a check and balance structure for their websites. This will be known as the Game Journo Society.

Keep an eye out for any more incoming initiatives, or contact us via e-mail if you have any questions on our current line-up.