How Does It Work?

Look, we’re not a publisher. We’re not here to take credit or royalties or hurt the developer in any way. We are here to make your life easier.

We operate in 2 ways.

The first way is the up front payment method. Tried and true, you pay us first and the services get done in a timely way. Multiple, catered scenarios all fitting to how and when you want it done, or otherwise known as The A La Carte Package. Payment is determined on what you need (i.e. “a la carte”). If you need to know the services, scroll up. You can’t miss it. You need it all? Go for a full VIP Package.

The other way is probably the easiest way for most developers on a tight budget: The Back End Payment Plan. I write a beautiful, handcrafted press release, get it out to all possible avenues and relevant media lists I can, and you give me revenue when you get it. It’s a new game, you’re a new developer, and you’re broke. I got you.