Back End Plan

The Back End Plan is probably the easiest way for most developers on a tight budget. I write a beautiful, handcrafted press release, get it out to all possible avenues and relevant media lists I can, and you give me revenue when you get it. It’s a new game, you’re a new developer, and you’re broke.

Now pay attention, because the payment scale on The Back End Plan works like this:

For the initial press release and delivery to the right people, I’ll want a percentage of the back end revenue for three (Yea, only 3) months.

Some of you don’t want to deal with the public. I understand. Need a PR person to handle the media, send review copies, interview scheduling, or handle social media? I’ll do all of that as well for an additional percentage of your revenue made.

On top of anything like this, we can get you to people that can make art, box art, logos, screenshots, websites, or anything else your heart desires. Need help getting on to a proper platform or site, but not sure where to begin? I’m here to guide and direct (or manage, if you need). We can discuss payment with my outsourced agents together to get the best possible pricing for you and your needs. You have the problem, we find a solution.