A La Carte Plan

This is the up front payment method. Tried and true, you pay us first and the services get done in a timely way. Multiple, catered scenarios all fitting to how and when you want it done, or otherwise known as The A la Carte Package. Payment is determined on what you need, specifically to how you need it.

You need all or most of it? We call that the VIP Package. Consider this like going to a restaurant and ordering a burger, and getting all the add-ons done, or “all the way”.

Contact us at Jesse -at- Zettabyte Marketing to get a proper pricing plan sent to you. In certain situations, we can work with your budget and cater to individual settings.

On top of anything like this, we can get you to people that can make art, box art, logos, screenshots, websites, or anything else your heart desires. Need help getting on to a proper platform or site, but not sure where to begin? I’m here to guide and direct (or manage, if you need). We can discuss payment with my outsourced agents together to get the best possible pricing for you and your needs. You have the problem, we find a solution.